Парень отправился в путешествие по миру с собакой, и теперь ей все завидуют!


Австралиец Марк активно ведет Instagram, рассказывая о своих приключениях и привлекает внимание общественности к проблеме бездомных животных.

Саша Демьянова

lazy placeholder - Парень отправился в путешествие по миру с собакой, и теперь ей все завидуют!

Марк Земан из Австралии в 2017 году лишился 63-летнего отца. Мужчина долгое время переживал это горе, и решил что-то менять в своей жизни. Долгие годы он мечтал путешествовать, но всегда находил причину, чтобы остаться дома.

По данным Daily Mail, Марк всегда хотел отправиться в Канаду, однако работа, любимая девушка и прочие обязанности не позволяли ему даже улететь в отпуск. Недавно Земан все же решился на перемены, а компанию в долгих поездках ему составила собака! Белая овчарка по прозвищу Муа побывала уже в нескольких странах со своим хозяином, и на фото в Instagram эта парочка выглядит абсолютно счастливо.

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*IMPORTANT POST* Arriving back in Revelstoke a few days ago, really brought us back full circle. Over the past 11 months, we've travelled about 50,000 km exploring Canada, the USA & even made it to Mexico. We've been skiing, ice skating, snow shoeing, fat biking, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding & even white water rafting & met some amazing people/dogs. We've visited almost all the major mountain resorts on the west coast of North America & world famous places like Roswell, Washington DC, New York City, Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas & even Hollywood. The trip has been epic, it has been the trip of a lifetime & Mya & I have some amazing experiences as a result of it. Our bond is now closer than it has ever been before. The trip itself has not been without it's challenges, but having risen above them, I feel that it has been so much more rewarding. Although Mya & I have had some great support along the way, our trip over the last 11 months has cost me somewhere between $60-80k (there has been moments where I've literally had $10 to my name & couldn't fly home even if I wanted to). As we came to the end of it & thought about potentially staying for another Winter, financially we just weren't going to be able to. Thankfully we have had some amazing businesses throw their support behind us, so that we can continue to show people that you can have a dog & a life of adventure & travel too. It's because of their support that we will be able to continue to share with you pet friendly travel tips & are able to show you these next 6 months of adventures & hold our meetups. If you know of any businesses that would be interested in joining us along on our adventures or anyone who has a dog & thinks they have to leave them behind when they travel, please share our story with them & tag them in this post. With so many amazing memories, it's hard for me to choose a favorite, but I'm really curious which adventures have been your favorite? Please let us know? As for our next 6 months, thank you so much to the following companies for their support: … @PodsAustralia @JetPets @AtlasPetCompany @PetBarApp @Nutrience_ #NoPawGetsLeftBehind #Sponsored

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По словам Марка, его псу пять лет. Во время поездок они неоднократно встречали бродячих собак и щенков из приютов. Сейчас молодой человек пытается привлечь внимание людей по всему миру к проблеме бездомных животных. «С раннего возраста Муа я старался давать ей как можно больше возможностей получать опыт, чтобы она смогла максимально приспособиться к окружающему миру. Теперь она любит приключения и изучает новые места», — рассказывает Земан своим поклонникам.

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Today we were really lucky. The rain held off for the majority of the day, so we were able to get out and hit some mountain bike trails in the surrounding areas of Vernon. We had originally planned to head up to Silver Star to go riding up there and also check out their brand new gondola which is pet friendly in Summer. Unfortunately Silver Star finished their Summer lift operations a couple of weeks ago and are now preparing for winter. Instead we rented a bike from Sun Country Cycle in Vernon eho suggested a great trail between the Predator Ridge Estate and the Ellison Provincial Park. We rode along the Ellison Connector Trail which has a fair bit of flow and was a lot of fun for both Mya and I. It was great taking in the scenery with all the changing leaves and just as we got back to the car it started pouring with rain. It's meant to be storms in Vernon tomorrow which is going to impact our plans, does anyone have any indoor suggestions for what to do in Vernon? #NoPawGetsLeftBehind … **Vernon Meetup** We will be having Vernon Meet & Greet on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 at 7pm at at a venue to be announced. Please RSVP to the Facebook link in our story. If you know anyone who will be in Vernon this Tuesday please tell them. … @VernonTourism @PrestigeVernonLodge @PrestigeResorts @SunCountryCycle #ExploreVernon #VernonBC #ExploreBC #ExploreCanada #PrestigeResorts #VernonLodge #PetFriendlyHotel #PetFriendly #Sponsored

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Также мужчина отмечает, что не нужно оставлять любимых питомцев дома, если вы куда-то планируете уехать: «Они тоже скучают. В путешествии они помогут вам веселее проводить время». К слову, Марк и Муа уже посетили почти 50 штатов Америки, Мексику, Гранд-Каньон и озеро Тахо.

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The last 36 hours have been jam packed for us. We were trying to get as much into our last few hours in San Diego as possible, before we made our way to Palm Springs. I started off yesterday by dropping off Mya one last time at Wags & Ruffs for an adventure hike & to get groomed. Whilst she was having fun, I checked out the San Diego Safari Park. Although the park isn't dog friendly (understandably so), it is one the main attractions & raises millions of dollars towards the protection of endangered species. You could easily spend a whole day there, especially if you take up one of the additional Safari tours. I really enjoyed seeing the African animals all interacting together in a large open exhibit. Next I visited one of my must see attractions which was the USS Midway Museum. Again this isn't a dog friendly attraction, so you would need to arrange some doggy day care to go. It is a decommissioned aircraft carrier that offers a unique experience to see first hand what an aircraft carrier is like. They usually recommend 2-4 hours to walk through it & take things in. Mya (looking great after her groom) & I then made our way back to the Sofia Hotel where we met some lovely people at our meet & greet. Thank you to those who said hi. Afterwards I made my way to Belmont Park. As many of you know I love my adrenaline rushes & couldn't miss out on the opportunity to ride the Big Dipper, which didnt disapoint. Unfortunately at this time Belmont Park isnt pet friendly so if you want to check it out you might need to speak to one of the amazing pet sitters at Wags & Ruffs. Finally we managed to get in the 3.5 hour return hike to Potatoe Chip Rock. It was a nice hike & we met lots of dogs along the way, but I warn you the trail is all ashfelt so you will need to monitor your pups paws so they dont get burnt. Mya had her Ruffwear booties which do a great job of protecting her paws. Finally I need to thank the Sofia Hotel, Wags & Ruffs, Visit SD, Belmont Park, Table 509, SD Zoo & Safari Park for all their support in making our visit possible. #NoPawGetsLeftBehind … @TheSofiaHotel @WagsAndRuffs @SDZSafariPark @USSMidwayMuseum @BelmontParkSD @VisitSanDiego #Sponsored

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